The imported and the favoured workers

It was no surprise that the managers favoured only employees from the same country as them.

It was no surprise that the managers favoured only employees from the same country as them.

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It wasn’t encouraging to hear the new manager threaten “restructuring” when staff were unlikely to meet an impossible deadline. Everyone returned from the meeting with the manager with a blackened demeanour.

Recently, staff had felt their jobs were threatened, as the company was changing workplace technology and had cut jobs to tighten the budget. Work with the old technology was going to stop next month. Half the staff already had received nothing to do for weeks. Several dozens were let go just a few months before by this very manager. There had not been talk of training with new technology for staff. People were distressed and anxious, but still had to work their best to achieve the goal. A few staff were successful in getting jobs elsewhere and left.

Later, staff who came from the same country as the new manager, or from his culturally close and friendly neighbouring country with linguistic similarity were assigned important or previously made redundant positions – even before the redundant staff left. They also were given big opportunities for training or acting in higher positions.

Then the workplace had a big wave of contractors. These contractors came from the manager’s friendly neighbouring country which is also one of the most populous country in the world. The foreign contractors made up three-quarters of total contractors in the office. The overseas contractors took the jobs that used to be done by Australian contractors on old and new technology.

The imported contractors and the favoured staff made up half of the total office employees and knew that the manager felt at home with them so some of them acted as if they were superior. Some were believed to be trusted to become the eyes and ears of the manager. The staff that I spoke to all felt second-class, untrustworthy and as though they were being spied on.

The contractors were on temporary working visas and from time to time, the workplace was informed and a contractor was congratulated on the fact that the contractor had obtained their permanent residency.

Together with job cuts, sections working with legacy technology were filled up with overseas contractors employed by an overseas company. The contractors were trained in Australia after moving here to work with legacy technology. Staff in those legacy sections were told to apply to go to the new technology sections or face being made redundant later. There was an increasing presence in my team of newly transferred permanent staff as well as newly arrived contractors who came from the same country as that of my supervisor, a communist superpower country. The contractors couldn’t speak a lot of English, causing problems in communicating with them. In my team, Caucasians were a minority and formed less than a quarter of the total permanent team members.

When it comes to employment, one should not be discriminated against nor favoured for their race. I wanted to speak out about the favouritism practised by my manager and my supervisor but I wasn’t brave to risk ruining my career. I shared my agony with a trusted colleague and my confidante and they all explained to me that I could write about it in the upcoming company’s annual survey. I was afraid that the manager could discover that I wrote it and would harm me. Both my colleague and my confidante took time to persuade me that the survey was conducted by a third party and that must assure anonymity. After many days of worrying, on the last day of the survey, I summoned my courage and decided to take the chance.

He is the hero of amazed change when
He orchestrates around the work laws here.
He makes the workplace his own kingdom then,
Redundant staff are made to disappear,
The place is filled up with his homeland men,
The favoured are placed in top power tier.
There are openness and fairness applied!
A good official won’t be cast aside!
(Ottava-rima-style poem)

Image credit
by Mechanoid Dolly.

It was no surprise that the managers favoured only employees from the same country as them.

It was no surprise that the managers favoured only employees from the same country as them.

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