About hiMe

hiMe was born in Vietnam in the 60s and is of mixed ethnic Vietnamese and Chinese heritage. Her father was a former Signal Corps Lieutenant Colonel of the old Saigon regime before the Saigon Fall on 30/04/1975. Her mother was a children’s wear designer/producer/wholesaler. hiMe survived a sea journey from Vietnam to Malaysia after many failed attempts to escape Vietnam that spanned four-year period. She arrived in Australia in 1984.

hiMe writes about her life in Vietnam during and post the Vietnam war as well as in Australia as a refugee and a migrant.

hiMe likes to include a small poem of various styles to each of her 500-word writing piece.

There are related political, social, geographical and cultural facts, pictures and videos that accompanied each of hiMe’s writings.


3 thoughts on “About hiMe

  1. Your photos (and their captions) reminded me of what you people have gone through a long time ago. I was just a seven year old kid then, but already onto some words like “napalm” and “refugees” and “Pham Van Dong” and so many others that until today I still scan through footages and pictures of the war which I missed on TV during those days.

    October last year when I had the opportunity to visit what was once the Vietnamese refugee camp here in the PHilippines — in Morong, Bataan. It’s hard to resist not to take some shots. (http://wp.me/pcoJO-5Vj) Even harder is not to be immersed at the misfortunes just by looking at the faces on the pictures.

    The refugee camp today looks cold and desolate and deserted now. In more ways, it’s a joy seeing the place as it is today knowing you people have made it out of there, have better lives now and out of the nightmare.

    Good day hiMe!

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    • Thank you Elmer Nev Valenzuela for visiting my blog and sharing with me your childhood memories and telling me about the Vietnamese refugee camp in Phillipines. Thanks for letting readers visiting the camp by your photos.


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