His sordid truth poem


(Epistle-style poem)

<<Story related to the poem>>

Dear Temple,

I had loved you with my virgin heart.
Love at first sight, when I was seven.
I dreamt that we’d never be apart,
‘Cause we were a match made in heaven.

I loved your pensive and moral sides,
I vowed that I’d be a good Buddhist,
Your teachings gave me the strong life guides,
To love and become an altruist.

In Australia, you make me ashamed
You break the rules, you break your vow,
You turn money-skilful to be famed,
You want to be bigger than you’re now!

I don’t want to see you anymore!
‘Cause I have disowned you forever.
I don’t love you like I did before,
And I don’t see you in my future!

Respectfully yours,


Image credit
by tommy Japan.


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