The convent poem


(Bref-double-style poem)

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When the night covers the city with a dark shroud,
There was a frightened girl on an empty platform,
She is running away from her loneliness,
Yet it seems loneliness is coming to her.

She dreams of a safe place she can share with people.
She wishes that she could stay in a convent then,
But she doesn’t want to ever become a nun.
Is there such a place to accept her, she wonders!

She lives under a constant miserable cloud,
She has hopes finding refuge and the hopes topple,
She is not welcome and locked out at her friends’ place.
Her life then shapes her into a refuge beggar.

Into finding her own home, she is cowed,
Then is fooled and led by a man of “principle”!

Image credit
by craftivist collective.


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