My Adolescence and the Extinction of a Social Class poem


(Sonnet-Shakespearean-style poem)

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The Communists think equal wealth’s for all,
Severe campaigns were planned in secrecy,
One’s for the old regime’s money downfall,
One’s to eradicate the bourgeoisie.

With quota, money exchange were well planned,
Tears, sweat once shed for the invalid note,
The bourgeoisie’s assets were taken and,
They were dumped in barren land that’s remote.

Three decades later bourgeoisie return,
They live on sweat and tears of citizens,
They’re mighty leaders govern with concern,
To build quick fortunes up to billions.

The country still is communist in all,
The Communists deny same wealth for all.

Image credit
by Gabi Agu.


2 thoughts on “My Adolescence and the Extinction of a Social Class poem

  1. Brilliant poem. Encapsulates the Hypocrisy of Communism in a nutshell. It never is about shared wealth. It is all about Wealth Re-distribution. And you know why it don’t work? Because it is impossible to completely socialise an economy. Love your poetry styles, Great choice of words.


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